Construction of Various Types of MUGA Pitches

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Types 1 and 2 MUGA pitch: Built from open-graded, porous, ice safe macadam, laid over free-depleting stone. It is for the most part exhorted that the macadam be connected in 2 layers – a coupling base layer for quality and security and a playing surface layer.

In the event that 2 layers are picked, the base layer should normal 40mm compacted profundity and the ostensible total size ought to be 14mm or 20mm. The surface course should normal 25mm compacted profundity and the ostensible total size ought to be 10mm.

A solitary layer of macadam has a tendency to be laid on lighter utilize MUGAs. The landing area will be open-graded, porous and ice safe of 40mm compacted profundity and with 10mm total size. Utilizing laser controlled clearing machines to introduce the best layer of stone and in addition the macadam makes it conceivable to accomplish the required level of resistance with only a solitary landing area layer.

To meet Sport England criteria, macadam ought to be delivered and laid as per SAPCA’s Code of Practice for the Construction and Maintenance of Tennis Courts. The surface ought to be tough and even and have a uniform surface which does not turn out to be too delicate in sweltering climate. As respects porosity, it is normal that water will deplete from the surface not over 15 minutes after the rain has halted.

The required level resilience for a macadam surface differ from a greatest deviation of 6mm under a 3m straight edge to a most extreme deviation of 15mm under a 3m straight edge contingent upon whether you are required to fit in with British Standards, FIFA, FA or FIH norms. The tallness contrast at joints is normally set at a most extreme deviation of 2mm under a 300mm straight edge.


Types 3 and 4 MUGA pitch have a polymeric surface developed from SBR and/or EPDM elastic with a polyurethane folio and slip safe materials. Distinctive hues are accessible; red and green are most regularly utilized.

Polymeric MUGAs are utilized for ball bounce back games and as preparing territories for non-ball games, for example, sports. They are additionally appropriate for wheelchair sports. The principle contrast between a type 3 and a type 4 MUGA is the thickness of the surface and the slip protection factor.

Type 3 is a slenderer surface with less stun and better absorption and higher surface erosion which reaches games, for example, netball and tennis.

Type 4 MUGA pitch has a thicker surface giving more prominent stun sponginess and lower surface contact and is more qualified to 5-a-side football, ball, and sports.

Type 5 MUGA pitch

Are built from synthetic turf. Those which are required to meet Sport England necessities ought to be built as per SAPCA’s Code of Practice for the Construction and Maintenance of Synthetic Turf Sports Pitches for Type 5 MUGAs and STP.