Japanese Knotweed Removal methods

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Japanese Knotweed also known as Fallopia Japonica is plant originally from East Asia, which was introduced to the United Kingdom at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew in 1850 .However the plant spread quickly and it is observed that it can cause significant damage to property including building structures.

So while a person can grow the plant in the land they own, they are liable for legal action if the plant will spread to their neighbours house. When applying for a mortgage in the United Kingdom, the property owner has to declare whether it has Japanese Knotweed, as it adversely affects the price of the property. Hence, most property owners are looking for cost effective options for Japanese Knotweed Removal.

Removal of Japanese Knotweed will help the property owner in multiple ways, the value of the property will increase and he does not have to worry about complaints from the neighbour or the local government bodies. There are several firms that specialize in Japanese Knotweed Removal, however before selecting the firm, it is recommended that the property owner finds out the rates for removal of the weed, methods which will be used, and warranty offered on the weed removal.

The property owner should also check the credentials of the firm, and find out if it is affiliated with industry associations like the Property Care Association. There are multiple methods which are used for Japanese Knotweed Removal. One way of removing Japanese Knotweed is by spraying a herbicide on the infected area, which will prevent the shoots of the Japanese Knotweed by inhibiting the synthesis of amino acids. However the herbicide has to be sprayed repeatedly and other plants in the area may be affected.

Another method is by digging the area, to remove the rhizomes of Japanese Knotweed. The rhizomes are then transported to another area and buried deep in the soil. A third method of preventing the Japanese Knotweed growth is by installing a vertical barrier or membrane, so that the roots do not propagate. Depending on the urgency of the weed removal and other factors, a specific method is selected.

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