Preparing for a Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester

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Just like any other surgery, your body may be about to go through serious change. Because of this, it’s essential that you start preparing about three weeks before the scheduled operation date. If you smoke or drink regularly, stop. Smoking may inhibit the body’s ability to heal and recover as quickly as possible following cosmetic surgery in Manchester.

Drinking alcohol before a surgery may also make you more susceptible to bleeding before and after surgery. Even if your surgery is over, wait to resume smoking or consuming alcohol until your surgeon tells you it is safe. At this time, you should also give your surgeon a full list of any medications that you are currently taking so that they can advise on any potential issues that could arise.

Two Weeks before Surgery

Once the two-week mark hits, you should talk with your doctor and find out whether or not multivitamin supplements would be beneficial for your personal situation. Some vitamins, such as vitamins A and C, can be taken to help reduce swelling and bruising post-surgery. Again, you should get clear guidance and what you should and should not be ingesting to help prepare for surgery.

At this time you will also want to finalize your recovery plans for the time period following cosmetic surgery Manchester. Talk with your doctor to determine how much time you should plan on taking off work, what kinds of activities you can do following surgery, and if you have children, find a place for them to stay while the surgery is happening.

One Week before Surgery

With only one week to your procedure you may be feeling a little bit nervous. Calm your jitters by eating a healthy diet filled with proteins, fruits, and vegetables. A few days before the surgery, head down to the pharmacy and get your prescriptions filled so you will have them when you need them and start prepping your home to be a recovery-zone.

For example, if you sleep upstairs, set up a comfortable resting area on the couch and gather things like the television remote, books, magazines, and your personal laptop. By preparing well in advance for cosmetic surgery in Manchester, you may find that the operation goes smoothly and your recovery time is as minimal as possible.